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Caroline was born in the late '40s, as part of the post-war baby boom. As a young woman, she had a talent for academics, particularly science, but no one ever thought to encourage her, since she was a girl and, really, with looks like hers, what would she even need a degree in science for?

She grew up, and graduated from high school. Like many of her female classmates, she went to college; most of them would leave with MRS degrees, but Caroline herself worked diligently at her studies and accumulated a grounding in the basic sciences. However, it was the 60s, and there still weren't a lot of opportunities for women outside of teaching, nursing, or secretarial work, so Caroline, who was hard-working and had good attention to detail, entered the workforce as a secretary and assistant.

After working for several businesses and not really finding what she was looking for in a job, an opening came up at a company called Aperture Science, which had recently been doing fairly well for itself; she found science interesting, so she decided to apply. The CEO, Cave Johnson, was infamous for firing people at the drop of a hat, and had recently fired a whole string of perfectly good secretaries, but Caroline's competence coupled with her passion for science was what made her stick as well as made her Johnson's favorite.

Johnson, who was brilliant but not very good at separating the wheat of his ideas from the chaff, found a complement in Caroline, who was more grounded and better at keeping things on track.

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